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When You Are Charged With a Crime

You’ve been handcuffed, thrown in a police car, and taken to jail. You’ve been fingerprinted, photographed, and charged with a crime. Who can help? Where can you turn?

If you are charged with a crime in the Boston area – or anywhere in Massachusetts – contact T...

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If you were arrested for an OUI in Boston, what are the possible ways you could beat it? Do you really know the ins and outs of an Operating Under the Influence charge? The consequences can vary, but some are severe and can include fines, imprisonment, and probation. There are legal defenses avai...

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Could your record qualify for expungement? Massachusetts can impose harsh barriers for people with certain charges. Your access to some rights may be hindered and your life will be altered immensely. What if you could get those charges removed? Don’t live like you’re still in jail. Find out more ...

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Immigration Attorney Bringing Families and Loved Ones Together

Immigrant visas are usually available with little waiting time for the immediate relatives of U.S. citizens. Immediate relatives are defined as spouses or parents of U.S. citizens and the children (under age 21) of U.S. citizens.


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How can your HEALTH affect your immigration status? Immigration medical exams are an important part of the process. There is a lot you need to know. There are guidelines to determine where you need to go, what information you need before your visit, and what issues determine admissibility or inad...

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Who Can Help If You Are Charged With a Sex Crime?

The consequences of a sex crime conviction are severe and life-changing. If you’re charged with one of these crimes in Massachusetts, you must be represented by the right Boston criminal defense lawyer.

If you’re convicted of a sex crime, prison...

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How does the COVID-19 pandemic affect immigration? There is border tightening and changes in immigration enforcement that you need to know about to avoid harsh penalties and possible charges. People can be removed from the country. There can be an inability to travel. There are even ongoing chang...

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Charged With a Violent Crime? Where Can You Turn?

If you are charged with a crime of violence, you may feel hopeless. If you are convicted, time in jail or prison is likely. Friends and even family members may abandon you. Where can you turn? At Toland Law, Boston criminal defense attorney Paul ...

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There are many factors that come into play in a homicide case. What determines whether the charge is manslaughter, first-degree or second-degree murder, or even voluntary verses involuntary manslaughter? What about homicide with a motor vehicle? You shouldn’t try to navigate these charges without...

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a week ago
Attorney Paul Toland has represented many of my friends who have had very complex criminal and immigration cases. He has won every case and is well respected in our community. I highly recommend him!!!!
- Luana M
2 months ago
Paul did an excellent job with my case. He gave me great confidence going into court and kept me updated on the progress, He was super helpful during the pandemic and the case was resolved swiftly. I would absolutely recommend Paul for anyone who has a upcoming criminal defense case because he will do anything he can to help you win your case! Thanks again Paul!
- Pamela C
3 months ago
Paul did a great job throughout the entire process of my naturalization, he was super responsive to all of my questions and calls, was very professional and reassuring of the case which really did give me a lot of confidence. I would recommend Paul to anyone who has any issues or affairs with the USCIS office. Thank you!
- Ran L

Immigration & Criminal Lawyer in Boston

Criminal Defense Attorney Practicing in Boston, MA

No one rational wants to have trouble with the law. Something unexpected can happen anytime, you could be involved in an accident or have just done something wrong in self-defense. Either way, this is a really bad experience that will make you feel stressed, confused, and most likely unable to handle it by yourself. Having someone who can actually help you get back on your feet is very important. 

Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer Boston  

Most Boston criminal defense lawyers might be willing to help you build your case,  but in a critical situation where your life or your loved one's life is at risk, you simply need to find an experienced criminal defense lawyer, someone who will use their skills and strategies to get you out of this terrible situation.  

Attorney Paul Toland is a former assistant district attorney. He can help you with misdemeanors or serious felonies since he´s an aggressive criminal defense attorney in Boston that will fight for your rights from beginning to end. He has experience on both sides of the law, which means he can guide you through different scenarios on how the prosecution might build the case against you.  

Having a professional and reliable criminal defense lawyer near you is vital in case you are being blamed for any crime. His advice and experience will make a difference in how the process takes place and is decisive in the result. Attorney Toland has completed over 100 cases to date. His experience is invaluable when looking for a criminal defense attorney near me since he will be committed to getting the best results when working for you.  

If you´re being accused of any criminal activity don´t hesitate to call a Boston Criminal defense attorney even if you´re a first-time offender, we truly recommend you to consult with a Boston criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. A specialized criminal defense attorney can help you in any stage of the criminal process so it´s very important that you make a wise decision and get appropriate counseling.  

Immigration Assistance

Immigration is a major concern in the U.S. For years Congress has tried to provide comprehensive immigration reform but hasn't been able to. Immigrants and their children born in the U.S. make up to 27 percent of the U.S. population. The undocumented immigrant population has ascended to almost 11 million. Toland Law, LCC specializes in guiding you through the process that you need in order to protect you and your loved ones.  

We can help you adjust your status, this means changing your status from a student, tourist, or temporary worker to a permanent resident. There are some requirements you should meet upfront to successfully complete the process. First of all, you should be physically present in the country, also you must have entered the U.S. legally, and have an approved petition.  

In filing for citizenship, for example, if you are over 18 years old and have a Permanent Resident card, you could be eligible for naturalization.  

We also help you with the process of sponsoring an employee. This is when you ́re willing to bring an expert to help you in your company or need someone with special training to perform certain jobs.  

We can also help you with a removal proceeding which means that you are going to be removed from the United States or are not eligible under the Immigration and Nationality Act. You can rely on us to solve this difficult situation in your best interest.  

How to Choose the Right Boston Immigration Lawyer  

When looking for a Boston immigration attorney you shouldn’t just pick the first one on the immigration attorney near me list, but seek an attorney that will actually understand your situation and truly help you get through the process and overcome these difficulties successfully.  

It is important that you can get an attorney that will personally handle your case and will give you the right assessment and advice. Definitely, you need to pick an immigration attorney in Boston that has the experience and has also won several cases.  

Attorney Toland is a Boston immigration lawyer, he is specialized in immigration and his mission is to keep families together by using his knowledge and experience to help you get the best solution to your immigration state.  

Civil Litigation Lawyer Boston 

It is always awkward to have to deal with situations in which we find ourselves demanding someone to solve a problem that has caused a lot of inconvenience and stress. Maybe you had a car accident and can´t get the other driver to be responsible for his actions, or you had an agreement that has not been fulfilled. Either way, you need a legal solution to solve these circumstances in the best way.  

When two parties are having a conflict that needs to be solved in a legal dispute we recommend you to get advice from a civil litigation lawyer near you. Having an experienced and successful lawyer can be crucial to the outcome of the conflict. A professional Boston civil litigation lawyer will arbitrate and mediate the situation to guide you toward settlement without having to go to court. However, if it´s not suitable for any of the parties, you´ll need to go to trial and let a judge decide on what´s the best outcome for the situation.  Your civil litigation lawyer in Boston will fight for you and achieve the best possible outcome on your behalf.  

Getting to Know Your Attorney  

If you are looking for a lawyer to help you in some legal process you should choose someone who is passionate about it, therefore, you will feel certain that this civil litigation lawyer will dedicate all his efforts to fight for the best outcome for you. Find a lawyer with certifiable experience and with a good number of successful cases so you can ensure a better result in your case.  

Paul Toland is an active practicing attorney who specializes in immigration, criminal defense, and civil litigation. He has numerous successful outcomes and gets really involved when helping his clients.  

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